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Tradition: Through innovation to perfection

The Mechatronik success story began back in 1997, in Fellbach-Öffingen, a town just a few miles north of Stuttgart. Together with two business partners, Frank Rickert founded the company Mechatronik Fahrzeug- & Mobilfunk GmbH. At first, company business focused on the installation of patented hands-free systems in vehicles – work on Mercedes-Benz classic cars was actually just a sideline. Not long after, the company moved premises in 1998 to a small machine shop in Swabian Großbottwar. From now on, the focus was on the conversion and restoration of the "classic car with the star".  

Indeed, with the company's first-ever restoration job – a Mercedes-Benz 190 SL – Frank Rickert and his team established a benchmark whose significance no-one could have guessed at the time. The vehicle was of such an incomparably high standard of quality and was so immaculately engineered that even old hands in the industry went into raptures over it. A development that was instrumental in the decision to relaunch the company as Mechatronik Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GmbH barely a year after its original formation. Alongside partial and full restoration of Mercedes-Benz classic cars, the business model also included technical vehicle conversions – i.e. the development of the Mechatronik SL (or M-SL for short). By late 1998, just six months after leaving the drawing-board, an M-SL prototype was ready to set off on its maiden voyage. In 2001, the company moved again, to Pleidelsheim. Not merely to satisfy the increasing demands of the market, but also to facilitate project work in a cooperation recently begun with Daimler-Benz. For Frank Rickert, it was a decision that meant taking a huge risk: by now he was the company's only director, and he thus had to take sole responsibility for both his company and its staff. Yet he took the plunge – and the risk paid off. Together with his superbly well-qualified team and a wealth of innovative ideas, he had now established a foundation that would take the company from strength to strength.

Another change took place in 2010, with the spinning off of the three main company divisions into independent companies: Mechatronik Classic, Mechatronik Engineering, and Mechatronik Trade. Over the years, Mechatronik has now become a group of companies that employs over 40 members of staff. With their passion, their expertise and their experience, they have all played their part in the success of our business. And they still do so today, ensuring that we will continue to remain the market leader in our industry.