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The management of Mechatronik

The founder and shareholder of Mechatronik, Dipl.-Ing. Frank Rickert, dismantles almost all mechanical and electrical equipment since he was 4 years old, passionate to these will be "optimized" new and reassembling. At 15 he wore in plastic bags, the parts of an old Kreidler in his nursery and build the decomposed moped back together. After his apprenticeship with AMG and the acquired diploma Frank Rickert studied at the FHTE Esslingen vehicle technology. In the morning he attended lectures at midnight he learned. The rest of the time was spent in the workshop. While studying he founded in 1996 Mechatronik GbR. In 2001, the study was completed successfully. In less than two decades Frank Rickert and his team make Mechatronik to one of the world market leader for restoration and sales of Mercedes-Benz Classics.