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Business philosophy

Mechatronik GmbH is a company situated at the heart of the German automotive industry, perfectly at home in the world of the classic car with the star and deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial culture of its Swabian heritage. A culture traditionally reflected by its artisanry, and which has pursued the very highest standards since time immemorial. In the market, we're distinguished by the quality of our work – an area where we've not made a single compromise since the company was founded. Perfection is our standard.

For nearly two decades, that is what the name Mechatronik has stood for, in line with the maxim "We can be beaten on price – but not quality." The unmistakable passion shown by Mechatronik's employees and their eye for detail can still be seen many decades later in the vehicles entrusted to our care. A passion that, ultimately, makes all the difference. And which is a key factor in ensuring your collector's item retains its value.