The history of the automobile is full of unique milestones. Those milestones that shaped entire eras, legends that dominated the racetracks of this world and represented the spearhead of what was technically possible. And then, as now, all those vehicles generate an almost magical attraction, surrounded by the aura of something special. From picturesque pre-war Bugatti classics, to legendary long-distance icons such as the Ferrari 512M, to current hyper-sports cars. With CARTIQUE by Mechatronik, we dedicate ourselves to those very icons, apart from the Mechatronik core brand Mercedes-Benz. For more than 10 years, this area has been looked after by our sister company "Oldtimer Land", which is now moving further into focus as "CARTIQUE by Mechatronik" under a new name.

Decades of experience, highest transparency and a fully comprehensive customer service distinguish us. A special vehicle is not bought in a hurry. It takes time. Time to find out whether the vehicle meets your expectations. Whether the chemistry is right. Whether you feel comfortable with it. We take this time. Starting with a comprehensive history, detailed technical condition reports and customized solutions, all the way to in-depth market analyses, we advise you in your search for your personal dream car.

Our services at a glance:

  • Workshop service & maintenance
    In our in-house workshop, your classic car will be professionally serviced and, if necessary, repaired.
  • Purchase and sale
    CARTIQUE is a place where you can find and buy the rarest cars in history. But also collectors who want to sell their treasures discreetly are right here. Take your time to find the best way to your dream classic.
  • Advice and mediation
    An essential basis for trading in high-quality vehicles is sound advice: we know the strengths and also possible weaknesses of classic and modern vehicles. And if the object of your desire is not in our halls, we will also assist you in finding it.
  • Collection support & wealth management
    Classic vehicles are also an increasingly popular investment nowadays. Before you make your investment, we will be happy to advise you in detail - and subsequently also look after your collection personally.

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Please note that vehicle viewings are only possible by appointment.