Mechatronik Engineering - Philosophy

mechatronik engineering philosophy

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An appreciative use of modern automotive technology  

As is the case in any of Mechatronik's corporate divisions, we at Mechatronik Engineering also feel obliged to honour the three tenets of its philosophy, namely: Perfection, Quality and Passion. Although perfection for us primarily means perfecting our technological development work: modifying modern automotive systems so they can be installed into faithfully restored Mercedes classic cars "perfectly" – i.e. without altering the vehicle's external appearance.  

For us, high-quality work is all about utilising the creativity at our disposal to ensure that the blending of old technology with modern technology rewards our customers with long-lasting driving pleasure. The quality standards that we set ourselves both in our development work and in its implementation form the basis for our work – characterised by converting a vehicle in such a way that it retains its personal charm and its unique outward form. A maxim that fosters the respect that we feel towards the classic car with the star. Notwithstanding the passion we bring to our work, we strive to unite an original appearance with the technical means of handling day-to-day driving.