The Philosophy


Mechatronik GmbH is a company located in the heart of the German automotive industry, near Stuttgart, at home in the world of the star-adorned classic cars and deeply rooted in its Swabian business culture.

This culture is traditionally reflected in craftsmanship, always setting the highest standards. The quality of our work has been defining us on the market since the day the company was founded – something we have never compromised on. Perfection is our norm. This is what Mechatronik has been known for for more than two decades. The Mechatronik staff’s palpable passion and attention to detail remains visible in the cars we have worked on for decades to come. It is this passion that ultimately makes the difference and contributes greatly to the long life of your classic car.

When the first prototype of an M-SL left the workshop in 1997, it was impossible to foresee, of course, the success that this concept would bring to the company. From these beginnings, Mechatronik’s Engineering division proceeded to go from strength to strength.


Developments and work on the technical conversion of W 111- and W 113-series vehicles was continuously refined and optimised, to ensure we could retain our position in the future as the world’s leading company for bringing together the best of both worlds in Mercedes-Benz classic cars.

Modern automotive technology, implanted in Mercedes-Benz classic cars that still have the original exterior: for us, this means we use a lot of creativity to ensure that the synthesis of old and modern technology provides our customers with sustainable driving pleasure. Our high quality standards both in our development work and in its implementation form the basis of our work – characterised by converting a vehicle in such a way that it retains its personal charm and its unique outward form.  A maxim that fosters the respect that we feel towards the classic car with the star.

We strive for a combination of outward originality and technological practicability – always in connection with the option to remodel the car back to its original state.