The Base


First, we select a suitable vehicle to form the basis for the assembly or conversion to an M-class coupé or cabriolet. There are generally two options for this selection.The purchase of the basic vehicle from Mechatronik when the order is placed includes its full restoration and is the most popular and customer-friendly option. It provides enough scope for all of the different potential individualisation options. The bodywork provided is approved by our quality control team, based on strict selection criteria, before it is released for further processing in our in-house bodywork shop. This process lays the foundation for the quality of subsequent manufacture. Thereafter, any special wishes with regard to the exterior can be easily implemented. For example, this could involve taking away the bumpers or integrating additional beams. Further information can be found under the “Exterior” category.


In order to make sure that we can meet our high quality standards, we have limited the number of complete assemblies to just five vehicles per year. If you already own a suitable basis vehicle, our engineering department is in a position to offer you another retrofitting option. In these so-called New-Tech conversions, we only implant the new technology, while the exterior of your vehicle remains the same and in its original state. We either replace or add the engine, drive train, suspension, brakes and safety features such as ABS and ASR, thus bringing the car technically up to the standard of a new vehicle, which makes it suitable for everyday use. The prerequisite for the conversion is a thorough inspection of your vehicle and the approval of our quality control department. The number of pure New-Tech retrofits is likewise limited to a maximum of five vehicles per year. This service package does not include any additional individualisation of the exterior.