The Exterior

Customers choose from a wide range of colours of original Mercedes-Benz unicoloured or metallic paintwork, or opt for one of our specialised Mechatronik colours, which make your M-Coue or Cabriolet look completely unique, even at first glance. It is also possible of course to paint the vehicle in two colours in combination with four individual roof colours in black, grey, silver or blue. In addition, we also offer a choice of eight different colours for the high-quality soft top of our M-class cabriolet. While you enjoy the sun and fresh air, the convertible top vanishes under a colour-coordinated tarpaulin.

Our sales staff will be happy to support you with this and explain all possible combinations of colours.

For even more extravagance and a completely exclusive look, you can also opt for our night packet or exclusive night packet. This option means that all exterior attachments (bumpers, radiator grille, trim strip, door handles, exterior mirrors, side skirts, tailpipe trim, light sockets) are painted in mystic black or a unique black chrome.

Original Mercedes-Benz Uni Paint

Original Mercedes-Benz metallic paints

Mechatronik special paint

Colours roof

  • schwarz.jpg
  • grau_2.jpg
  • weiß_silber.jpg
  • blau.jpg
  • persenning_schwarz.jpg
  • persenning_grau.jpg
  • persenning_dunkelbraun.jpg
  • persenning_hellbraun.jpg
  • persenning_dunkelgrün.jpg
  • persenning_petrol.jpg
  • persenning_blau.jpg
  • persenning_rot_2.jpg

Colours tarpaulin

Colours soft top

  • softtop_schwarz.jpg
  • softtop_grau.jpg
  • softtop_dunkel_braun.jpg
  • softtop_dunkel_hellbraun.jpg
  • softtop_dunkelgrün.jpg
  • softtop_petrol.jpg
  • softtop_blau.jpg
  • softtop_burgunder.jpg


Sporty or elegant

The wheels add the final optical finesse to your vehicle.  Whether you want them sporty or elegant – the crucial factor is that they have to be in line with the special characteristics of the car and its driver.

We therefore offer various wheel rims for your classic car, for you to choose from. Depending on your personal taste, you have the choice between 15- or 16-inch alloy wheels in Penta or baroque design. Our standard are steel rims with wheel caps painted in the body colour and tyres in the sizes 205/65/15. We can also provide wide sidewall tyres of course.

Our sales staff will be happy to assist you with the choice of colours. Based on our data cards, they are also able to answer any questions you might have about the colour combination of first deliveries.

  • radkappe_blau.jpg
  • barrock_grau.jpg
  • penta_black.jpg