Project 107 Test Nürburgring Nordschleife


When we launched first pictures and information about the latest model from our New-Tech Series, the Project 107 in April last year, we were overwhelmed by the insane feedback from our clients, friends and followers and we couldn´t be more proud about these reactions. This project really shows why we are doing what we are doing. That´s where we came from and that´s where we keep going for. When we launched the idea of this project we never spoke about a release date, production numbers, pricing or things like that. Because we knew it will be the biggest challenge we ever have to overcome, but mainly because we wanted to develop a product without any kind of public pressure, using 25 years of experience to be able to create the best we ever did. Now, after 3 years of development, the whole team is proud how far we came with it and so it is time to announce that the official premiere of the Project 107 will happen in summer 2022, just in time for our 25th anniversary. Stay tuned!