100.000 Instagram Follower Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa


Today we drop the mic. To celebrate 100.000 followers on instagram we are posting the most epic set of pictures we have ever created.
Showing our stunning Ferrari 250 TR and a special guest. And nope, that's not photoshop. In fact this horse is also more talanted when it comes to playing soccer than our German national team. However, this is a huge thank you to all of you, following our journey here on our channel. Who knows us will know, that we are far away from beeing a "normal" car dealership / manufacturer. We are basically living our dreams by doing what we love and we think these pictures are showing this pretty well. But without all of you - and that starts by a 15 year old carspotter at a random junction, up to our most important and loyal clients - all this couldn't work. So once more, thank you very much for beeing a part of our channel. We won't slow down ! There is always space to rise the bar.