• Fully restored by Mechatronik acorrding to data card
  • Includes extensive restoration documentation
  • Classic color combination
Paintwork:Silvergrey metallic
Interior:Leather | Red
Gearing Type:Manual
Mileage:2.253 KM
Power:170 HP
Price:210.000,- € (Tax paid)

* Fuel consumption: (DIN 70030) 11,4 L Super determined at 3/4 of maximum speed, maximum of 110 km / h below surcharge of 10% (factory specification)


The Mercedes-Benz W113 280 SL

The Geneva Motor Show in March 1963 was the scene of a remarkable and universally acclaimed premiere: With the 230 SL, Daimler-Benz presented a new sports car that was to replace two models of the previous sales program. The newcomer had a difficult legacy to compete - and not only because his two predecessors, the 190 SL and the 300 SL, had been extremely popular and successful right from the start, and the 300 SL had become legendary during his lifetime. Much more serious was the fact that both types, despite all the family resemblance, represented fundamentally different vehicle concepts that were difficult to reconcile.

With the new model a middle course was taken: The 230 SL, internally called W 113, was neither an uncompromisingly tough roadster nor a meek boulevard sports car, but rather a comfortable, two-seat touring car with high performance and optimum driving safety. Apart from the wheelbase - the magic value of 2400 mm had been taken over unchanged - the new SL had virtually no similarities with its two predecessors. Nevertheless, the W 113 was not a complete redesign, but its technical concept largely corresponded to the 220 SE; For example, the shortened and reinforced frame floor system of the tail fin limousines including front and rear suspension has been used. The engine had also been developed from the 2.2 ltr. Unit of the 220 SE; by drilling to 2.3 ltr., increasing the compression and using a six-stamp injection pump, the power could be increased to 150 hp. In addition to the standard 4-speed manual transmission was, for the first time in a SL model, available on request, a 4-speed automatic transmission. The third variant was added in May 1966 by the Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen (ZF) related 5-speed manual transmission.

The 230 SL was available as its predecessor in three versions: as a roadster with folding top, as a coupe with removable roof and as a coupe with removable roof and roadster roof. All three variants were available on request with a transverse seat in the rear. On February 27, 1967, the public was presented the 250 SL, which replaced the 230 SL produced for four years.

Less than a year after its presentation, the 250 SL has already been replaced by a new model of the 280 SL. In the course of the market introduction of the new middle-class types not only the saloons, coupes and convertibles of the upper class, but also the SL received a 2.8 ltr. Engine. The engine variant used in the 280 SL mobilized 10 hp more than the basic version of the 280 SE thanks to a camshaft with changed timing. Compared to the 250 SL had the performance increased by 20 hp and torque by 10%. Externally, the 280 SL was apart from the nameplate, only to distinguish the modified wheel covers of its two predecessor models.

The offered here Mercedes-Benz W113 280 SL was fully restored in our in-house factory in over 2,500 working hours at the highest level from the ground up. Value was placed here on the strict implementation of the data card specification, which means that this pagoda is today in exactly those equipment combination in which the car ran back in time out of the factory. A point that is vitally important for today's value. An extensive restoration documentation, as well as a valuation report is available and can be viewed on request at any time. If you have further questions, our sales staff is always at your disposal. Please note that vehicle sightings are only possible by prior appointment.