Mercedes-Benz R 129 320 SL Final Edition

  • One of 674 Final Edition models
  • New car condition 
  • New service and TÜV
Paintwork:777 Silverarrow
Interior:Leather black
Gearing Type:Automatic
Mileage:62.928 KM
Power:224 HP
Price:Up on request

* Fuel consumption 16.3 / 8.8 / 11.5 l by Guideline 93/116/EC; figures apply to City (urban) / EUDC (extra-urban) / NEDC (New European Driving Cycle, average from <36.8%> City and <63.2%> EUDC)

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The Mercedes-Benz R 129 320 SL Final Edition

The world premiere of the new SL 129 series was one of the main attractions of the Geneva Motor Show in March 1989. With the predecessor models of the series 107 the completely newly constructed types 300 SL, 300 SL 24 and 500 SL had practically nothing in common apart from the overall concept. Just as the 350 SL had demonstrated automotive progress 18 years ago with a wealth of innovative design details, the 129 Series SL was a new car in every sense. The new SL generation impressed with its harmonious and extremely successful stylistic design, which expressed dynamism and sportiness, but also comfort and elegance. On the one hand, the design was tradition-oriented and, on the other hand, had farewell to the future thanks to the design of new detail solutions. For example, the radiator grille, the legendary trademark of the SL types, was stylistically reinterpreted while retaining the traditional basic form. While in the predecessor types the wide chrome frame dominated with the star, the radiator cowling was now organically integrated into the bonnet; The star as a unique chrome decoration of the car had been supplemented by horizontal slats of anodized aluminum. Significant improvements over the predecessor models could be achieved in terms of passive safety. With a high development effort, it was possible to realize the exemplary safety standard achieved in the saloons and coupes in the SL as well. The lack of a roof structure had a fundamentally different from the closed variants body structure and thus requires intensive development work. 

The desired dimensional stability of the passenger compartment could be achieved in the interaction of different structural elements. These included, above all, a particularly rigid floor system with high-strength sheets and large beam cross-sections as well as rigid transitions from the A pillars and the rear side panels to the lateral side rails. A key role was also played by the doors, which functioned as a pressure-tight connection between the front wall and center pillars through ingenious beading of the door inner part, thereby contributing to the survival of collisions. The 2.8-liter engine of the SL 280 was used since October 1992 in the 124 series and the S-Class sedan 300 SE 2.8 and outperformed the larger displacement two-valve from the M 103 family in terms of power and torque, without higher fuel consumption exhibit. The 3.2-liter unit of the SL 320, which had already proven itself since March 1991 in the S-Class models 300 SE and 300 SEL, had the nominal power remained the same compared to the previous four-valve, but was 900 / min reached earlier; the torque maximum was significantly higher and was also shifted to lower speeds.

The vehicle offered here is one of only 674 Final Edition models built. The first registration took place on 28.11.2000 in Frankenthal / Germany on the first owner Inge Hahn. After just two years, she sold the car to its second owner, who is still the last one who registered the car. He registered the SL in January 2002 in Böblingen on his name and owned it for over 12 years. All workshop bills and TÜV documents have been filed and are still with the car. At the end of August 2014, the car was taken out of service and sold to a collector on the German side close to the Swiss border. He decides to optically treat the car and invests in a multi-day polishing of the car. At this time, it is already clear that the car should no longer be registered and so  the SL spends the next 3 years in the collection of its owner. Finally, in 2017, the acquisition of the vehicle by the Mechatronik collection took place, which has now decided to sell the car again. Visually as well as technically, the vehicle is in almost mint condition despite a mileage of more than 60,000 km and is handed over to its new owner with a new service and fresh MOT. For detailed questions, please feel free to contact our sales office at any time.