Mechatronik Trade - History

mechatronik trade showroom

Almost two decades of trading experience in Mercedes classic cars  

The history of Mechatronik Trade began back in 1997, with the purchase of twelve Mercedes classic cars by company founder Frank Rickert. A purchase made at a time when the market for classic cars had barely got off the ground in Germany. For Mechatronik Trade, this was a successful start to trading classic cars bearing the Mercedes-Benz brand.  

While there was a prolonged focus on post-war Mercedes models in the early years of the company, this all changed in 2005 with the acquisition of a Mercedes 230n off-roader (W 143): constructed in 1937, this was Mechatronik's first pre-war vehicle. An exceptionally rare vehicle, since only 966 units had been produced, owing to the model's short production run of just twelve months.  

Since 1 August 2010, Mechatronik's trading activities have been handled by the independent Group company Mechatronik Trade GmbH. While the focus on Mercedes-Benz classic cars has been retained, trading in vehicles from pre-war times has been further expanded.