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Experiencing the myth

For us, a Mercedes classic car is much more than simply an older vehicle. It represents a piece of automotive history and awakes a passion that we are eager to share with our customers – namely a special appreciation of the value of the classic cars produced by the Mercedes-Benz company. A passion that is shared to an extraordinary degree by our employees, giving them a correspondingly high level of expectations for the final vehicle.  

At the same time, we strive to offer only those vehicles that guarantee a maximum of driving pleasure. For enthusiasts wishing to try their hand at completing restoration work themselves, we can also offer a selection of interesting vehicles for use as restoration projects – and at a fair price.  

Yet it's not just a passion for Mercedes classic cars that characterises our work. Our passion for perfection is also found in the sound specialist advice we offer to customers, coupled with a comprehensive after-sales service.   Mechatronik Trade stands for the traditional values of openness and honesty.