Bentley S1

  • From property of artist Jospeh Beuys
  • Outstanding history
  • Beautiful color combination
Interior:Leather beige
Gearing Type:Automatic
Mileage:71.637 KM
Power:133 HP
Price:149.500,- € (no VAT refundable)

* Consumption: 17.3 l according to guideline DIN 70030, determined at 3/4 of the maximum speed, maximum 110 km/h, with surcharge of 10%


The Bentley S1

The Bentley S1 was built by Bentley Motors Limited from 1955 to 1959 in Crewe, England. The Bentley S1 replaced the Bentley R-Type. The Bentley factory bodywork was identical to the bodywork of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, it was made of steel apart from the doors, the hood and the trunk lid which were made of aluminium. The only difference to the Rolls-Royce was the radiator design and emblem. The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and the Bentley both used the six-cylinder engine familiar from the previous model. The engine was equipped with SU twin carburettors which were replaced by newer models from 1957. A 4-speed automatic transmission was standard equipment, there was a 4-speed manual transmission as an option until 1957. The S1 was available with two wheelbases: 3124 mm and from 1957 with 3226 mm. From 1955 to 1959, 3072 vehicles with short wheelbase were built, 145 of which had special coachwork. Of the S1 with long wheelbase, 35 were built, 12 of them with special coachwork. 

The history of our Bentley S1 is really extraordinary. The vehicle was completed in 1959 in Crewe, England and was registered on March 20, 1959 by its first owner, the private banker of Oppenheim. In the middle of the 1960s the vehicle was sold to the once famous Düsseldorf car dealership "Auto Becker". In 1966, a poor-looking man with a worn hat and raincoat entered the salesrooms of Auto Becker. This man was none other than Joseph Beuys. Joseph Beuys was a German action artist, art theorist and professor at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. He is regarded worldwide as one of the most important action artists of the 20th century. Helmut Becker, the son of the company founder Wilhelm Becker, always preached to his employees not to judge customers by their appearance. So he took care of the visually not very promising customer. Supposedly Beuys introduced himself with the following sentence: "Hello, my name is Joseph Beuys and I would like to buy a Cadillac or Rolls-Royce". Helmut Becker presented Beuys with the Bentley S1 and was able to convince him of the vehicle's qualities. Beuys then pulled out an envelope from his coat and immediately paid cash for the DM 25,000 car. Until his death in 1986, Beuys used the car daily to drive from his home to the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf where he was teaching. After the S1 had been in his possession for 12 years, he had it restored by Karl Heinz Siegner in Berlin in 1978. During the restoration the folding roof was also retrofitted. In 1989, three years after Beuys' death, an art consultant and collector of Beuys' art became aware of the Bentley during a visit to Auto Becker. The young salesman offered him the car at a bargain price of 65,000 DM, and without hesitation he bought the car immediately. The next day, the head of the company, Helmut Becker, tried in vain to buy back the car which had been sold far too cheaply.At the beginning of the decade 2010 the car changed its owner once again, who did not register the car but only exhibited it in his collection. Finally the purchase of this absolutely interesting Bentley S1 was made by our collection management.

With this Bentley S1 you have the opportunity to acquire a piece of automotive history. For detailed questions please contact our sales staff at any time. Please note that vehicle viewings are generally only possible by prior appointment.