1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen Replica

  • A detailed replica of the original Benz Patent Motor Car
  • Fully functional & ready to use
Interior:Leather black
Gearing Type:Manual
Power:0,75 HP
Price:46.900,- € (TAX paid)


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The 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen Replica

The Benz Patent Motor Car was the world's first automobile. Carl Benz designed it in 1885 and applied for a patent on January 29, 1886 as a "vehicle with gas engine operation". Patent number 37435, granted by the imperial patent office in Berlin, is the automobile's birth certificate. Carl Benz was not satisfied with equipping an existing car with an engine. In his patented motor car, the engine, chassis and drive have been completely redesigned. With a gasoline engine, ignition, cooling system, power transmission, wheels and brakes, it is the archetype of every car that has been built since then. Only for the steering does Benz find no convincing solution. "Because I couldn't theoretically finish the control, I decided to make the vehicle three-wheeled," he says later. In 1893 Benz would also find an answer to the steering problem. Carl Benz worked on his invention in secret for a long time, for fear that someone might preempt him. Initially, he only dared to go out into the streets at night, in the immediate vicinity of his factory. Night after night, he gropes his way to mastering the vehicle and its technology, carefully turning larger and larger laps. It wasn't until the car was patented that it dared to go public. On July 3, 1886, a Sunday, he took an excursion on the old ring wall that surrounds Mannheim. Amidst perplexed Sunday strollers, he rattles around town while his son Eugen runs with the gas bottle next to the car to top up the gasoline. The next day, all of Mannheim was talking about Carl Benz and his invention. The decisive achievement of the automobile pioneer Carl Benz lies in the consistency with which he developed his idea of ​​the “horse-free car” into a product suitable for everyday use, which he brought onto the market and thus made his vision a reality. He had the idea of ​​a motor vehicle, designed it, built it, tested it, had it patented, brought it to the market, mass-produced it, developed it further and thus made his invention useful.

The motor vehicle offered here is a replica of the world's first automobile. Newly delivered to the Matsuda Collection in Gotimba / Japan, the motor vehicle was faithfully built by the John Bentley Engineering Company in Batley, Yorkshire, England. The embossed chassis number is MJ 18790. This coded number means: Matsuda Japan, July 18, 1990, the date on which the motor vehicle left the factory. The Benz stayed in the Matsuda Museum until a visitor from the USA made a highly lucrative purchase offer in March 2010. He took the Benz to the United States of America, more precisely to San Francisco. As a passionate Mercedes collector with good contacts to the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, California, he made the patent car available to the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center as a show vehicle during the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours. On this occasion, the Benz was driven by none other than Sir Stirling Moss. The Benz Patent Motor Car offered here is fully functional and an asset to any Mercedes collection. Our sales staff will be happy to provide you with further detailed information at any time.