Porsche 911 T

  • Incredible new car condition
  • Original 850 miles since delivery
  • Unrestored original condition
  • The ultimate collector's vehicle
  • Including service & TÜV
Paintwork:025 Aubergine
Interior:Leather brown
Gearing Type:Manual
Mileage:870 Miles
Power:130 HP

* Fuel consumption: (DIN 70030) 11,3 L Super determined at 3/4 of maximum speed, maximum of 110 km / h below surcharge of 10% (factory specification)

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The Porsche 911 T

When the American state of California announced that it would only allow cars with normal gasoline requirements from 1972, Porsche responded immediately and adjusted the product range to 91 octane. But the sports car buyers did not want to expect less performance and so the engine capacity was increased, which in the end even meant an increase in performance. Porsche did well to conform to American regulations, because at that time over 50% of production went to the States. However, the fact that the American state overturned the Californian regulations for regular gasoline again came too late for Porsche and most other manufacturers and years would pass before Porsche returned to higher-compression engines. Since the beginning of the 901/911 series, Porsche had improved its sports car year after year and expanded the model range. The 911 T was added as an entry-level six-cylinder as early as 1967, and in 1969 the displacement was increased to 2.2 liters, thus making a leap forward in terms of performance. Otherwise, of course, the 911 remained true to itself. Rear engine, individually suspended front wheels with torsion bar suspension at the front, rear independent suspension with trailing arms, transverse torsion spring bars and telescopic dampers, as well as disc brakes all around were standard and worthy of a sports car. With the 2.4-liter model presented in 1971, the displacement was increased to 2341 cm3 and the compression was reduced to 7.5 to 8.5 to 1, depending on the model. Three models made up the 911 range of 1972. The 911 T was the entry-level model, it developed 130 hp (predecessor 125 hp) and was equipped with Solex Zenith carburettors for Europe and injection for America. The 911 E developed 165 hp (predecessor 160 hp), the 911 S a whopping 190 hp (predecessor 180 hp). A newly developed and more robust four-speed gearbox was used in all three types, which replaced the previously standard five-speed gearbox with the first gear on the rear left. In 1972 you could buy four VW Beetles or two BMW 2002s for the equivalent of a Porsche 911 T. The 2.4-liter model was replaced after just two years of construction by the 2.7-liter G-model with the so-called bellows replaced on the bumpers. By then, only 3818 911 T coupés with carburettors had left the factory. This made them the most frequently ordered variant on this side of the Atlantic, both 911 E and S were rarer. The Americans also preferred the (injected) entry-level variant. And they didn't do badly with it. In fact, the 130 hp T version conveys a lot of driving pleasure and the complete Porsche driving experience. After all, with the weight of around 1050 kg, the horsepower is comparatively easy.

The Porsche 911T offered here was sold on July 24, 1973 by the Porsche branch Tom Sullivan in Birmingham / Michigan (USA) to the buyer Raymond Allen, a well-known US actor of the 1970s and self-confessed car collector. The focus of his car collection consisted of vehicles with vanishingly low mileage and this 911T was no exception. After the purchase by Mr. Allen, the car was exhibited in his collection for the following decades and almost never moved. To date, we have not been able to determine such a new car condition in a vehicle built in 1973 in any other vehicle. An interesting interview from 2009 with the Porsche enthusiast Kent Moore, who bought the car from Raymond Allen in 2008, provides detailed information about the history of the car:

"It's a true time capsule in every way," says Kent Moore, a Southern California Porsche enthusiast who owns the car today. "That was the reaction of everyone who saw it. There are crowds around it. It's a new one Car - it's brand new. ”Moore calls his four-wheeled find" The Raymond Allen 911T ", keeping his promise to keep the car the way it was when Allen had it. He heard about it in early 2008 Auto when he got a call from Michigan, it was his old friend Casey McCarthy, a car madman who knew Moore had an affinity for older Porsches It was owned by a friend's stepfather, "Moore begins." The car was in Rochester, north of Detroit. He went on to tell me the 911 was only 700 miles. I literally almost fell off my chair. I yelled, ' Yes ... YES !! '"A couple of days late he had Moore's Lynette DeMonte phone number. When he called, he learned that Allen had been a real car maniac and owned a number of interesting, low-mileage vehicles. DeMonte remembers Allen as “a wonderful man, selfless and very reserved in his private life… He liked to collect beautiful things for his own pleasure. His favorite, however, was his beloved Eggplant 911T, which he drove only occasionally over the years. ”She remembered being in the car several times but was never taken. After a few phone calls, the viewing could be arranged. They found Allen's 911T under a tarpaulin, in a garage next to Allen's Mercedes. The T was painted in aubergine (025), a standard color but quite unusual, with a tan leatherette interior. They carefully removed the cover, revealing a shiny 911. They opened the doors as far as they could, lifted the carpeting, and checked the battery bays. Egerer took some digital photos and emailed Moore a few hours later: "It's just a breathtaking vehicle! I still can't get over the original batteries and cables - how can they be so clean even if the car has never been driven “You'd think there was some sort of tarnishing or weathering, but the white plastic battery cases look brand new as you can see in the photos. The other thing that caught my eye was the dashboard. It's perfect, with no cracks whatsoever When Moore went to Michigan a few weeks later to seal the deal, he and his friends discovered that Allen's house was a treasure trove for collectibles. All of them had bought all sorts of Porsche goodies, including Porsche Design aviator glasses (“Exactly how Elvis wore “, quips Moore) as well as key rings, a jacket patch, etc. This 1973 911T with the number 9113102403 offered an unusual selection of optics ions. Allen didn't want a sunroof, but he checked the air conditioner box. Says Moore, “And although it has S-track and trim, it has a vinyl interior. It also came with an AM / FM radio and ATS cast alloy "cookie cutter" wheels with Dunlop tubular "dogbone" radials. The delivery price was $ 10,769.92.  “It's a 1973.5 model, so it's the first time that CIS injection has been used,” Moore continues. Porsche had adopted Bosch's K-Jetronic injection into the F-series 911Ts in January 1973. The last 911T boxer with the designation Type 911/91 developed 130 hp at 5700 rpm, which corresponds to the previous 911T engine with mechanical fuel injection. Moore wanted to keep the Cosmoline sub-floor coating intact, a move Payne agreed to. “(Porsche) was very generous in some places and a little less in others,” says Payne. “This coating is the first thing you need when buying a car, but the coating stays with this car.” Since the car had never gone back to the dealer for a 1,000-mile check, the engine and transmission also had their original Cosmoline. The valve cover nuts and drain plugs were still untouched. Mechanically, the Allen T required very little attention. The car wasn't running when it arrived so they put it on a lift and checked everything. Then you got to work. Hendry, Moore's mechanic said, "I happen to own a 73.5 too, so I know this model pretty well." The first step was draining the fuel tank, fuel pump, and lines. “He's only had three tanks of gasoline in his entire life,” says Hendry. The tank was surprisingly clean and showed no signs of corrosion. “We have removed the fuel rail for cleaning; the piston worked properly. The sump cover plate underneath was badly leaking. The plate was carefully removed and the original fill oil drained. “When we replaced the cover,” continues Hendry, “we used a gasket made from modern material. The old seals were just cheap cardboard. ”The disapproval in his voice is palpable. “When we reinstalled the plate, we used the original washers and nuts and made sure the polished sides of the washers were facing up. We left the valve covers alone - so the engine valve clearance has never been adjusted outside the factory! ”Hendry was concerned about oil, gasoline, and water condensation that had built up in the 911T's exhaust system. So, once the engine was running on fresh oil, it increased idle to around 2500 RPM and just let it run. "The cloud of smoke was pretty dramatic," he chuckles. After about half an hour, however, the exhaust image was clear. "It is extraordinary. The vinyl smells new. The seats don't have a crispy feel, no feeling that the vinyl has become brittle, that the carpets have shrunk. Everything has a new, smooth feel. ”In the meantime, Moore has fulfilled his promise to Lynette DeMonte and her family. He presented "The Ray Allen 911T" at the Huntington Beach Concours, Newport Beach Concours, Palos Verdes Concours and "Cars and Coffee" in Irvine. Every time, the immaculate T and its incredibly complete documentation have delighted viewers. “I start the car regularly,” he says. “But of course I don't drive it unless it's in a competition. It is transported everywhere. ”The car starts immediately and idles quietly. From the crystal clear instruments to the glittering cream-colored headliner, there is not a single scratch in the interior. The same is true outside. The glass is unmarked and the underbody looks like it just rolled off the van at the dealership.

After a total of 5 years in the possession of Kent Moore, he decided to part with the vehicle in April 2013 and once again activated his contacts in Ohio. He sells the 911T to the company Express Parts inc. who sold the car to Kahl Automotive in Neuried, Germany on May 22, 2013. Customs clearance of the car in Germany takes place on June 28, 2013. Only a few weeks later, the 911T is presented to the TÜV and passes it without any defects. A few weeks later, a collector from the Leonberg district near Stuttgart acquired the unique 911T and exhibited it in his collection. The purchase by our company will finally take place in the summer of 2021. We are delighted to be able to offer such a unique vehicle for sale, including a new TÜV, as well as a large customer service to its new owner. Our sales staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have at any time. Please note that vehicle inspections are generally only possible by prior appointment.