A passion for craftsmanship and eye for tradition


Mechatronik business


Quality, Perfection and Passion

The Spirit of Classic. Since its formation in 1997, Mechatronik GmbH has established itself as one of the best-known Mercedes-Benz classic car specialists worldwide, exhibiting solid growth while maintaining its superior standards of quality. And our track record speaks volumes. Mechatronik GmbH has developed from a three-man outfit based in Swabian Großbottwar to a company with operations worldwide and headquartered in Pleidelsheim, north of Stuttgart. And yet, despite all of the changes since the company was formed, our philosophy and our personal maxim – to never do less than our best – still remain the same.

Our team of over 40 staff have nearly 65,000 sq ft of workshop space at their disposal, offering the latest equipment and tailored to our particular requirements. A team that comprises a healthy mix of seasoned professionals with decades of experience and superbly well-qualified junior employees. To ensure that we can keep this wealth of experience and expertise in the company in the future and pass it on to the next generation, we offer traditional apprenticeship courses for junior staff at Mechatronik.

Whether we are working on repairs or maintenance, partial or full restorations, technical retooling and prototype engineering or classic car trading – it is all handled under one roof at Mechatronik. And always with the ultimate goal of turning our team's perfectionism and passion for their work into something truly unique for the customer.