Softly lined and breathable protective blanket

This high-quality protective cover with its soft flannel underside protects your vehicle like a second skin from garage dust and unwanted scratches.

It is made from high-quality polyester fabric with 160 g/m² and has highly elastic stretch properties. This indoor cover is characterised by its enormous elasticity and high restoring force as well as a perfect adaptation to the contours of the bodywork. The breathable fabric prevents the formation of condensed water. Sturdy rubber bands at the front and the rear make sure the blanket stays safely in place. The cover can be washed at low temperatures and comes with a carrying bag.


250,00 €




Use tyre protectors to prevent flat spots from parking. The tyre shoe measures 40 cm to ensure that even vehicles with wide tyres can easily drive on and off. Its size and weight of six kilos prevents it from slipping away and keeps it in position. It is flat in the back and front, so driving on and off is easy. The tyre shoe is made of elastic, PU-bound rubber granules, with a softer density in the contact area than on the ramps. This is made possible by a special compression process. Due to its special properties, the tyre shoe adapts to the tyre – and not vice versa. The tyre shoe can be used all year and prevents the tyres from changing their form, especially during longer parking periods.

199,00 € (4 Stk.)




Our high-quality and exclusive umbrella is a quality product made in Germany in a classic design and keeps you dry on a rainy day.

109,00 €




The Mechatronik key ring is a great accessory and adds an individual touch to your keychain. You can use the key ring for your car keys, to fasten a USB stick or attach it to your bag.

14,90 €