The Suspension


Our high standards concerning the engines for our M-SL is also reflected in the suspension. The double wishbone front axle and a single-jointed swing axle with hydropneumatic differential springs and level control as well as coil springs at the front and rear ensure high driving comfort and increased driving safety.

A perfectly aligned and adjusted suspension provides for excellent traction and high agility with precise steering and a balanced load change behaviour. The suspension, which we have developed ourselves, uses performance springs and shock absorbers developed by KW Automotive. Our Mechatronik sports suspension enables a setup that perfectly matches your expectations and your style of driving. Moreover, we can adjust it individually again, based on your own ideas and requirements. Our suspension specialists focus in particular on minimising the movements of the car body to increase the comfort level when the care is driven dynamically. In combination with the 4.3-liter engine, the Mechatronik limited-slip differential, which is fitted as a standard on the rear axle, ensures even better power distribution between the drive wheels.       

The Braking system


By using high-quality components and installing ABS as a general standard, Mechatronik’s high-performance braking system ensures that your M-SL reacts reliably and safely at all times when braking.

The brakes have been adjusted in a highly precise manner to engine performance and suspension, which ensures the highest degree of safety and the best possible braking performance. Each part is checked individually and therefore in compliance with our high standards. The larger two-piston braking system originating from the W126 is used on the front axle in combination with perforated and internally ventilated brake discs. The discs are cooled in the most efficient way possible and react perfectly, even on wet roads. On the rear axle, we rely on the refined standard brake system of the W113.      

The brake callipers are painted black, but can also be configured individually in other colours.