FAT International Porsche 911 GT1 Owner's Meeting

The Porsche GT Owners Meeting, presented by FAT International in collaboration with the Porsche Museum, was a fascinating gathering for enthusiasts of automotive excellence. The event kicked off on a Friday afternoon, focusing on the legendary Porsche 911 GT1 vehicles. Mechatronik GmbH participated with a total of four vehicles, including the unique dark blue Mercedes Benz CLK GTR. During a Friday evening dinner, participants had the opportunity to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and share their experiences. The conversations, enriched with anecdotes and stories, created a unique bond among like-minded individuals. Saturday morning dawned early as the mountain pass was exclusively opened for participants an hour before the official time. The impressive convoy drive along the majestic Grossglockner Road was a highlight of the meeting. The collective journey undoubtedly created unforgettable experiences. After the breathtaking drive, participants reached the Mankai Hut, where they could further deepen their enthusiasm for these unique vehicles and the shared adventures in a warm atmosphere. The Porsche GT Owners Meeting 2023 will be remembered not only as a celebration of the Porsche 911 GT1 vehicles but also as a unique experience that celebrates the passion for automotive excellence in an unparalleled way.