SCD Secret Meet 2023

The asphalt at Donington Park was set ablaze for the SCD Secret Meet with the thunderous roar of some of the world's most prestigious and coveted automobiles. Supercar Driver staged a spectacle that united car enthusiasts in a celebration of speed, and automotive excellence.

The stars of the event were undoubtedly the cars provided by Mechatronik. The rare and exquisite CLK GTR Roadster, the Porsche 911 GT2 EVO "Harlequin "and the McLaren P1 GTR embodied the pinnacle of their respective brands.

The program points of the day were a symposium full of exciting experiences. A colorful parade of cars formed an impressive picture of horsepower and demonstrated the beauty and diversity of the world of super sports cars. The race track came to life as selected road and race cars explored the limits of speed and precision in a heart-pounding Flying Lap Shootout.