Maybach 57S

  • Unique spec
  • Only 220 kilometers driven since delivery
  • New car condition
  • Collector's item
Paintwork:886 Ireland green middle
Interior:535 Maui Perle Leather
Gearing Type:Automatic
Mileage:220 KM
Power:612 HP
Price:583.100,- € (incl. 19% VAT) | 490.000,- € net

* Fuel consumption: 18.3 liters according to DIN 70030 guidelines, measured at 3/4 of the maximum speed, not exceeding 110 km/h, with a 10% surcharge.

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Maybach 57S 

The "S" in the designation of the 57 S model, which joined the range in 2005, stands for "Special" and reflects the fact that Maybach has implemented many of the wishes of its highly discerning customers. It is above all those who wish to drive the vehicle themselves who were looking for a symbiosis of luxurious comfort and a distinctly sporty character. In the Maybach 57 S the 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine with an output of 450 kW/612 hp teams up with a tauter suspension set-up to provide the highest levels of luxury and dynamic handling, making it the ideal high-end luxury saloon for owner-drivers who expect the very latest high-performance technology and the perfection typical of the Maybach brand. And the Maybach 57 S delivers a new dimension of performance. It accelerates from nought to 100  km/h in just 5.0 seconds, and from nought to 200 km/h in a mere 15.8 seconds, making it the sportiest luxury saloon in the world. The sprint from 80 to 120 km/h, a speed range which is often decisive when it comes to overtaking, is something which this high-end luxury saloon accomplishes effortlessly in 3.7 seconds – scarcely more time than it takes to blink. The top speed is 275 km/h. To make sure that the impressive performance potential of the 57 S is always safely and smoothly transferred to the road, Maybach engineers have modified the suspension in numerous ways to do justice to the increased power. The results are palpable: despite its weight and dimensions, the luxury saloon is agile and dynamic, has precise, responsive cornering characteristics and assists the driver with safe and neutral handling. Moreover, the Maybach 57 S provides a surprisingly high level of driving pleasure on winding country roads and on tortuous mountain passes. To achieve these dynamic, responsive characteristics, the Maybach developers have reconfigured the stabilisers at the front and rear axles. There is now a two-millimetre thicker torsion bar at the front and a four-millimetre thicker version at the rear. These provide the car with a sportier, more balanced suspension and more support at the rear axle. The result is a reduction in roll angle by around 15 percent and therefore more lateral stability when taking bends at speed. Handling and cornering ability are improved at the same time. The handling dynamics also benefit from a 15-millimetre reduction in ride height. Together these modifications lead to significantly improved roadholding on the part of the Maybach 57 S. The more stiffly configured Adaptive Damping System ADS II, as well as the semi-active air suspension, dampens body movements more rapidly and accentuates the sporty handling. If the driver selects the sporty mode from the three available suspension settings by pressing the switch in the centre console, the springs and dampers are even more stiffly configured. However, even in normal mode the new Maybach 57 S offers a high level of dynamic handling for the driving enthusiast without any loss of comfort. The modified suspension components also allow a more sporty configuration of ESP and ASR for higher lateral acceleration. Ventilation of the braking system has also been improved. Underbody air deflectors in the area of the front axle, as well as the airflow-optimised, eleven-spoke design of the wheels, allow more cooling air to reach the brakes. This ensures better performance and fade resistance in all driving situations and operating conditions. In the Maybach 57 S these measures make for a consistently outstanding level of active safety.

Our sales staff will be happy to answer any detailed questions you may have. Please note that vehicle inspections are only possible by prior appointment. Below you can find the spec of the offered car here:

- 199 Maybach vent cap
- 205 Literature in English
- 218 Rearview camera
- 219 Distronic cruise control
- 228 Auxiliary heater with remote control
- 231 Garage door opener
- 236 Special light switch - parking lights
- 295 Curtains on the rear door, left and right
- 296 Rear window curtain, electrically operated
- 301 Ashtray package
- 308 Coolbox between rear seats
- 332B Language instrument/phone - German
- 360B Battery label - German
- 378 Bluetooth hands-free system in the rear
- 386 Mobile phone preinstallation in front
- 390 LINGUATRONIC English
- 401 Cooled front seats - perforated leather
- 402 Cooled rear seats - perforated leather
- 407 Folding table, manually adjustable, driver's backrest left
- 408 Folding table, manually adjustable, right in the rear
- 414 Electric glass sunroof
- 419 Solar module for interior ventilation
- 423 5-speed automatic transmission
- 42R 12-spoke alloy wheels, 50.8 cm (20")
- 443 Heated steering wheel
- 481 Engine oil pan protection
- 527 COMAND APS control and display system
- 573 ISOFIX child seat anchorage system, rear
- 581 THERMOTRONIC - Automatic climate control
- 615 Bi-Xenon headlamps for right-hand traffic
- 619 Curve lighting function
- 65U DINAMICA beige headliner
- 669 Spare tire instead of TIREFIT
- 682 Fire extinguisher installed
- 731 Wood trim, walnut burl
- 802 Technical modifications
- 823 Vehicles for Switzerland, additional parts
- 840 Dark tinted glass
- 882 Interior motion sensor
- 884 Additional trunk lock
- 928 EU5 technology exhaust system
- 964 External communication
- 987 Battery disconnect switch
- B24 Remote control for auxiliary heater
- C50 Luggage net set matching the equipment
- C52 Dust protection - Interior - with Maybach logo
- C58 CD pouch in the driver's door
- C61 2 silver beakers for center console rear
- C62 2 champagne flutes for center console rear
- C85 Trunk protection mat in equipment color
- GA Automatic transmission
- K10 Static curve illumination (not for USA)
- L LEFT-HAND STEERING (Left-hand drive)
- M014 Engine uprated
- M285 V12 spark-ignition engine M285
- M60 Displacement 6.0 liter
- U08 Dynamic luxury
- U34 Headphone set, 2 pieces
- U53 Multipurpose compartment, left
- U54 Multipurpose compartment, right
- U72 DVD player with regional code 2 for Europe and Japan
- Z98 Paint not available on the standard sample card