Mercedes-Benz W100 600 SWB

  • A remarkably well-preserved example of the legendary 600
  • Only 70,200 miles mileage since delivery
  • One of only 2,190 examples built from 1963 to 1981
Paintwork:Blue metallic
Interior:Leather blue
Gearing Type:Automatic
Mileage:70.200 Miles
Power:250 HP
Price:215.000,- € (TAX paid)

* Consumption: 22,9 l according to DIN 70030, determined at 3/4 of the maximum speed, maximum 110 km/h, with an additional 10 %.

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The Mercedes-Benz W100 600

The Mercedes-Benz 600, also known as the W100, represents a significant chapter in the history of the luxury automobile. Its introduction in 1963 marked the beginning of an era characterised by style and technological sophistication. The 600 was characterised by various features that defined it as the true flagship of the Mercedes Benz brand. A key strength of the 600 was its technological innovation. With its hydraulic suspension, automatic levelling and power-assisted steering, it set new standards for driving comfort and dynamics. These technological elements emphasised the vehicle's performance and were more than impressive in their day. The 600 was powered by a powerful V8 engine with a displacement of 6.3 litres. This engine not only gave the vehicle impressive power, but also a characteristic sound that emphasised the exclusivity of the vehicle when driving. The design of the 600 was equally remarkable. Handcrafted and often customised, the vehicle exuded a timeless elegance. Inside, the 600 offered its occupants luxurious leather, fine wood trim and modern technology. Every detail contributed to creating a sophisticated environment that set the highest standard of automotive excellence. A characteristic feature of the 600 was its hydraulic system, which controlled not only the suspension, but also the window lifters, seat adjustments, sunroof and even the boot lid. This not only gave the vehicle a technological advantage, but also made it remarkably user-friendly. Overall, the Mercedes-Benz 600 W100 remains not just a car, but a timeless icon that represents the pinnacle of luxury and technological sophistication in automotive history at the time. Even today, the vehicles of this model series are popular collector's cars which, due to their small number and exceptional technical status, represent an enrichment for any high-calibre Mercedes collection.

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