The Engine

The heart of our conversions to the M-SL is of course the engine. The Mercedes-Benz M113 eight-cylinder with 4.3 liter displacement and 279 hp/205 kW or with 5.0 liter displacement and 320 hp/235 kW.

These V8 engines were introduced by Mercedes-Benz in September 1997 and continuously advanced and enhanced over the years. This powerful engine was used in 34 Mercedes models of various series until 2007. It was known for its high reliability and impressive performance. Because of these characteristics, the engine is also the first choice for our conversions. Moreover, it only weighs 30 kilos and is therefore lighter than the original engines. In the M-SL, this means that the weight is distributed more evenly, which has a positive effect on vehicle handling.        

All of the engines that are used in New-Tech conversions must adhere to strict quality criteria before they are approved for general overhaul in our in-house engine workshop. Important prerequisites are a low mileage and a positive assessment of our engine experts after the extensive inspection process. After they have passed this quality check, all engines are worked on meticulously by hand for a complete overhaul.

Before the engine is installed, a final test is carried out on the engine test bench, in which all performance parameters are tested again. Only after the two-day testing procedure has been completed, the quality control department will give its final approval for the engine to be installed. The drive unit of our cars is supplemented by the Mercedes-Benz 5-speed automatic transmission (NAG1), which must meet the same quality requirements before installation. The ideal balance between engine and drive unit provides for reliable and easy handling combined with a sporty and dynamic driving performance.

Repair services are another important aspect for the selection of this drive unit. In principle, any Mechatronik vehicle can be tested by any Mercedes-Benz service partner worldwide using conventional engine diagnosis tools. This saves owners the time-consuming search for a classic car specialist. This aspect of unrestricted practicality for every-day use makes the Mechatronik conversion what it is – a modern classic.