DeTomaso Mangusta

  • Completely restored
  • Extensive history
  • German delivery
  • Performance upgrade by Roush
Interior:Leather black
Gearing Type:Manual
Mileage:71.900 KM
Power:430 HP
Price:239.900,-€ (Tax paid)

* Consumption: 17.8 l according to DIN 70030, determined at 3/4 of the maximum speed, maximum 110 km/h, with an additional 10%

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The De Tomaso Mangusta

The DeTomaso Mangusta is undoubtedly an exceptional automobile that holds a very special place in the world of classic sports cars. There are countless reasons why this car is considered something truly extraordinary. The design of the De Tomaso Mangusta is unquestionably one of its standout features. Renowned Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro has given this car an extremely eye-catching and aggressive appearance. With its flowing lines, distinctive air intakes, and a low silhouette of 103cm, the Mangusta captures everyone's attention, embodying timeless elegance and a distinctive appearance. However, the Mangusta is not just beautiful; it's also technically impressive. It features a modern steel tube frame and an aluminum body, resulting in remarkable lightweight construction. This construction allows for agile handling and exceptional performance. Under the hood, the De Tomaso Mangusta is powered by a potent Ford V8 engine. The production of the De Tomaso Mangusta was strictly limited, making it a sought-after collector's piece. The rarity of this car significantly contributes to its appeal in the classic sports car market. In summary, the De Tomaso Mangusta is a gem in automotive history. Its breathtaking design, exotic construction, powerful engines, and limited availability make it a coveted classic. If you're in search of a vehicle that's not only fascinating but also represents a piece of automotive history, consider acquiring a De Tomaso Mangusta. It's an investment in a timeless masterpiece that takes the passion for driving to a whole new level.

The vehicle being offered here is chassis number #8MA1266, one of the last vehicles built in the 1971 production year of the DeTomaso Mangusta. On March 21 of that year, it was sold to the affluent German first owner. He regularly used the car in the following two years, covering a total of over 6,000 kilometers in his Mangusta. In 1973, chassis number #1266 was stored in the owners garage and was hardly used for the next 23 years. Only in 1996 did the German marque specialist Roland Jaeckel acquire the vehicle and embarked on an extensive restoration project that lasted about 18 months. The chassis, body, engine, interior, and accessories were all brought to a state that matched the new condition. After the work was completed, #1266 was registered by Roland Jaeckel on June 22, 1998, and sold to Stefan Helm only four months later, who, in turn, sold the car four years later, in 2002, to Stefan Kohler. In 2004, there was the third change of ownership. The new owner, residing in France, decided shortly after the purchase to contact the internationally renowned company Roush to further optimize the car's performance. The scope of work included, among other things, the engine. The Ford V8 302 engine was bored out, increasing its capacity from 5 liters to 5.7 liters. Special cylinder heads and an aluminum flywheel, as well as forged pistons and connecting rods, were used in this modification. The engine is fed by a Holley four-barrel carburetor, and the engine cooling system – crucial for the mid-engine Mangusta – was significantly improved. A reinforced McLeod clutch was installed to handle the increase in power. The original ZF transmission (also used in the Ford GT vehicles) did not need to be modified due to this power increase. At the same time, the chassis was strengthened, the braking system renewed, and the dampers and suspension were upgraded and adjusted. The air conditioning system was also overhauled to ensure it is fully functional. Roush's mechanical intervention in this car is impressive. When the work was completed, the car was tested on the dyno by the Roush team and achieved a power output of 430 PS and a torque of 588 Nm, making this car undoubtedly one of the most impressive Mangustas in the world. "8MA1266" is now a versatile GT car that can be used regularly and comfortably. Our sales staff is available for detailed inquiries at any time. Please note that vehicle viewings are generally only possible by appointment.