Nissan R35 GTR Black Edition

  • First owner Sebastian Vettel
  • New car condition
  • Factory kilometers
  • Only 130 km mileage
  • Bose sound system
Interior:Leather | black
Gearing Type:Automatic
Mileage:130 KM
Power:550 HP
Price:236.810,- € (incl. 19% VAT) |199.000,- € net

* Fuel consumption: (DIN 70030) 11,8 L Super determined at 3/4 of maximum speed, maximum of 110 km / h below surcharge of 10% (factory specification)

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The Nissan GTR

It all starts with the Nissan Skyline models. Originally intended as a sedan for everyone, the then sporty Skyline 2000 GT-R was launched in 1969. In between even in muscle car design, the Skyline developed at the end of the 80s into the popular monster with the distinctive four round taillights. The types R32 to R34 experience absolute cult status and are also particularly popular among vehicle tuners. Also the film series around "the fast and the furious", in which various R33, R34 and R35 can be seen, have contributed to the popularity. One reason for this is the legendary RB26 engine, the basis of which is also designed for extreme performance increases. This is also the reason for the nickname Godzilla, pronounced "Gojira" in Japanese. This means as much as "king of the monsters". The GT-R (Type R35), which was released in 2007 and is no longer officially part of the Skyline family, follows the principle of the wolf in sheep's clothing, just like its predecessors, but above all the performance of the Nissan GT-R on the world's racetracks makes many a thoroughbred European luxury sports car look rather tired. What began in 2007 with 485 hp and found a continuation from 2010 with 530 hp, had reached a new temporary peak with the 2012 vintage. Since then, the Nissan GT-R competed with 550 hp. It is the following modifications that should further increase the performance capabilities of the Nissan GT-R: a more efficient intake system. Reduced airflow resistance by moving the intake manifolds to the top of the cylinder banks. An optimized exhaust system with improved emissions control. A more compact underfloor catalyst with reduced exhaust backpressure. Sodium-cooled exhaust valves and optimized valve timing, ignition timing and fuel/air mixture tuning. The Nissan GT-R's transmission received a reinforced shift fork and an even more robust mounting bearing for the flywheel housing. Last but not least, the body features reinforcements in the rear engine compartment and on the instrument panel to produce even more direct steering responses through greater stability. The skilful interplay of the bitingly responsive, superb but somewhat restrained-sounding bi-turbo V6, the lightning-fast six-speed dual-clutch transmission and the electronically controlled power distribution of the all-wheel drive transports the Nissan into speed spheres in which the GT-R is virtually a street-legal race car.

The vehicle offered here was completed for the Swiss market in July 2012 and delivered to Sebastian Vettel, one of the most successful Formula 1 drivers of all time. Sebastian kept the GTR in his private collection throughout, but without using the car. And so the mileage of this Nissan GTR still shows only 150 kilometers even 10 years after delivery. Visually as well as technically an absolutely new vehicle, which represents a unique opportunity for collectors, especially because of the holder history. For detailed questions our sales staff is available at any time. Please note that vehicle inspections are generally only possible by prior appointment.