Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Speedster

  • Delivered in the very rare colour 347 dark blue
  • German first delivery / old German vehicle registration certificate available
  • Until 2008 in first ownership and never been registered
  • Since 2008 in same ownership
  • Only 14.800 KM from new
  • Absolute collector condition
  • Incl. service & TÜV
Paintwork:347 Darkblue
Interior:Leather blue
Gearing Type:Manual
Mileage:14.800 KM
Power:206 HP

* Consumption: 14.3 l according to DIN 70030, determined at 3/4 of the maximum speed, maximum 110 km/h, with a surcharge of 10%.

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The Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Speedster

When they were standing in their own way at Porsche, when the traditionalists were defending the 911 heritage and the modernisers were supporting the new start in the name of the 928, it was an outsider who brought them closer to their favourite child again. The German-American Peter W. Schutz rescued the 911 into the modern era: First, the CEO, who had never owned a Porsche before and had been in office since 1981, brought a genuine convertible back into the Porsche range after an 18-year abstinence. Then he pushed ahead with the further development of the 911 series, which was crowned shortly before the end with its most extreme manifestation: the Speedster. This closed the circle: two Americans had brought the Speedster to life in 1954, and an American revived the idea with fresh thinking. Of course, times had changed. The 356 Speedster of the 1950s had been a sinewy athlete, stark naked and economical, even the rev counter cost extra. In the 911 Speedster, artificially stimulated muscles and wealthy flab determined the shape and performance. The new-age Speedster also did not drive like a light-footed sports machine, but like a conventional, tightly sprung 911 convertible. This was not surprising, because the Speedster was based on the open version of the wide Turbo and took over its chassis, wheels and tyres. The stocky appearance with the eight-centimetre lower, more inclined windscreen and the powerful GRP hump reflected the immodest, self-indulgent zeitgeist of the late 1980s. The 1989 Speedster appeared broad and aggressive, like a 911 convertible after years of anabolic steroid abuse. After all, in keeping with the idea of its historical role model, the 911 Speedster was also 70 kilograms lighter than its base. A little comfort had been cut, electric windows and the rear seats were missing, the freed-up space, hidden under the cover with the two bumps, served as luggage rack and housed the lightweight and, contrary to expectations, weatherproof "emergency folding roof". The name indicated that the complex operation was not at its best, but Porsche explained this with its own waiver-demanding definition of the term Speedster: "A cabriolet is a closed car that you can drive with the roof open. A speedster is an open car that you can drive with the roof closed." Porsche also envisaged that the windscreen, complete with aluminium frame, could be quickly and easily removed for motorsport purposes. The passenger compartment was then to be covered under a large GRP lid with a recessed opening for the driver. Of course, it almost never happened that a customer fitted his Clubsport cover in earnest. Hardly any Speedster was ever sighted on the track, each one was far too valuable for that. Provided it is properly cared for and maintained, the Carrera 3.2 is rightly regarded as the most solid and longest-lived of the classic air-cooled 911s, virtually the crowning glory of the 901 original design from 1964.

Our sales staff will be happy to answer any detailed questions you may have at any time. Please note that vehicle inspections are only possible by prior appointment. Below you find the specsheet of the car offered here:

- Delivery color 347 dark blue uni
- 139 adjustable seat heating left seat
- 197 Stronger Battery
- 328 Radio Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46
- 340 Adjustable seat heating right seat
- 383 sports seat left electr. height adjustment
- 387 sports seat right electr. height adjustment
- 470 omitted front and rear spoiler
- 491 turbo look
- 533 alarm system interval
- 975 trunk with velor carpet